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edoocoo is a free collaboration hub for the educational community. It’s a place where conversations happen, ideas flourish and professional connections are created.

Welcome to the edoocoo
educational community

edoocoo is a free online community for educators.

It's easy to get connected

edoocoo is an online community exclusively for anybody professionally involved in education around the world. It's a friendly place to have debates, discussions and general chats. No surrounding noise from social networks - edoocoo is driven by educational content.

Educational discussions, important documents, career progression, school policies: they all sit neatly together in edoocoo. With your professional network and information in one easily searchable place, engaging online is simple, effective and rewarding.

Quick to get started...

No software to download. Quick to register. Super quick to get engaged in educational discussions.


Engagement in edoocoo happens in circles. These are content specific, so like minded people and discussions can come together. These circles can be private or public.

Find everything

Everything public is searchable by everyone. Private content is only searchable by those people who have been invited to view it. It's all amazingly easy to find everything.


We take security seriously at edoocoo. We work closely with our partners to ensure all data is secure, protocols are followed and the community is protected from hacks.

Let's talk about circles

Circles are the subject blocks that kick of conversations. You can create a circle about anything that interests you, and invite colleagues to join. They keep all conversations well organised and easy to find.


Circles can be created by anyone, about any subject, and can contain limitless members.

Easy to join

Join any public circle to contribute, or ask to join private circles that interest you.

Add Posts

Posts allow for similar topics to be grouped under one circle, allowing topics to expand.

Add Files

Files can be added to circles or posts and shared with other members.

So who is edoocoo for?

We think if you are involved in education, you would benefit from growing your network within the educational community. You can pick up ideas, give and receive advice and generally feel part of a rather brilliant profession.

"Using edoocoo has given me a voice to discuss things with my fellow educators..."
Peter - Teacher. Hounslow
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